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2022 Tackle Football Season


Divisions are by age as of July 1, and have a weight limit, HOWEVER no player will be turned away. Players who exceed the “Max Weight” are still eligible to play in their respective division, but are limited to interior line positions


Registration Cost:

$175 plus a $75 volunteer fee reimbursable after 6 hours of volunteer time has been fulfilled

Warrior Level is $130 plus $75 volunteer fee


(90lbs) MOHAWKS: Ages 5-7*


(110lbs) RENEGADES: Ages 8-9


 (135lbs) BRAVES: Ages 10-11


WARRIORS: Ages 12-14**


Registration includes: helmet, shoulder pads, rib pads, and integrated pants (all to be returned at the conclusion of the season); game socks, mouthguard, and personalized jersey; catered banquet ticket at the conclusion of the season (pending return of equipment)

*Players may register at 5 as long as they turn 6 by October 31st

 **Players may register at 14 as long as they turn 14 after April 1