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Tackle Football and Cheer Cancelled

It is with great sadness that I have to announce the cancellation of the 2020 tackle football and cheer season.  Due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic NEYSA has decided not to attempt to move forward with the season.  Everyone that had already registered online has been refund their full registration.

Although this is sad news for TFC, its members, and its players, we are excited about an upcoming Flag Football opportunity that will be announced very soon. Please be on the lookout for the announcement. Once the specifics have been ironed out and the official announcement has been made things will develop rapidly as we would like to get this started for our children as soon as possible.  The flag football league will be co-ed for grades K-12. More information soon.

I would like to thank everyone for their patience and understanding as we do our best to navigate this pandemic.

Scott Reed - President




A Note Regarding 2020 Registrations

Hello TFC Family. We are happy to announce that we are opening our registration! We apologize for the delay, as we are living in uncertain times, and until a couple weeks ago it had seemed that we may never get to have a football season and TFC is in the same boat as EVERY OTHER FOOTBALL ORGANIZATION. The NY Forward plan has ALL OF WNY in Phase 4, which if all continues to go well, will allow for youth sports/recreation to commence June 30. Until early this week, we have had no updates from USA Football, NYAFA, NYSPHSAA, or even Section VI.
Throughout the duration of this pandemic, The Board of Directors has been in constant contact, working out the financial details for the season ahead. A lot of things have to happen last minute, and some things CANNOT BE WORKED BACKWARDS. One of which is the ordering/timing of jerseys. Due to the closing of suppliers nationwide, EVERY SINGLE MANUFACTURER is behind schedule. I have been re-assured that our jersey order would only take 3-4 weeks during the busy season, even if they get inundated with orders. In order to prevent an additional waiting period/backlog of time to receive them we have decided to forego having the players’ names put on the jerseys. Also, we’re not sure how things will go at the conclusion of the season, as far as the banquet is concerned. These costs are factored into registration every year. Our reservation still stands, however it could wind up cancelled and if so, each registrant will be refunded accordingly. It is safer to assume the banquet WILL HAPPEN, than to wait to collect money down the road, thus making a likelihood of not being able to put on the banquet and wasting any money already paid for the reservation.
As far as the season itself – we have no idea what its going to look like for the players and parents alike. Some early “suggestions” form the CDC and Project Play seemed very unrealistic, meanwhile the latest announcement from Cuomo in regards to fans in attendance for baseball is 2 fans per child. Rest assured we will do everything required of us to keep all families/friends of TFC safe. Also, we are still unsure of how the season will be structured, which that decision WILL NOT be made regarding this until AFTER the NYSPHSAA makes a final decision, which likely won’t come until late July/early August.
Once we spend ANY money, it CANNOT BE REFUNDED (ordering jerseys, player insurance, etc). This means if the season gets unexpectedly cancelled (spike in cases, local government shutting things back down, etc) we will only be able to refund the amount of registration cost(s) NOT ALREADY PUT TO USE. We appreciate your cooperation and understanding through all of this. If you have any questions, please feel free to reach out.
Football Brandon McGuire 716-860-9758
Cheer Samantha Skoney 716-990-2501

Covid-19 Pandemic Information

The 2020 TFC football and cheerleading seasons are currently in a holding pattern due to the Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic. Social distancing guidelines have temporarily put a stop to all scheduled membership meetings, registrations, and fund raisers. During this unprecedented global event the Board, president, and commissioners continue to communicate and plan in anticipation of getting everything back up and running as soon as we get clearance from government, NEYSA, and USA Football.

TFC looks forward to seeing everyone when this Coronavirus crisis has passed. Stay safe.

A Letter From The Commissioner


To my TFC family:


Although this is THEE single most trying time any of us have ever faced, I just wanted to reach out to touch base with you all. As things seem to continually become ruined by the events going on around us, we have been trying to work through them the best we can. There hasn’t been much we could do up to this point. Approx 2 weeks prior to this pandemic ramping up and shutting everything down we had JUST laid out preliminary plans for the season ahead (registration dates, equipment pick-up, fundraisers), but we never got to share that with you at what would’ve been our April meeting. Some good news is that since that time, we were able to conduct interviews via video chat and we have appointed our football Head Coaches. They are:


Mohawks - Gerald Crump

Renegades - Shawn Keleman

Braves - Jimmy Stevens


Now...for the burning question...where do we go from here? The short answer: there is no answer. Unfortunately, due to the state of things, we still can’t meet or do organized activities. Solely based on the timelines given by the state, IF we are lucky enough to have the governor’s Pause order lifted on May 15th, we will then begin Phase 1 of 4. From what I understand, each phase is to be 14 days long, with certain criteria to be met along the way. It appears that Youth sports falls under Phase 4. This means that we wouldn’t even begin to start what would normally take place in early May, until June 27th (IF everything went PERFECTLY without a hitch). The normal start date is the last full week of July, and this year practices would’ve begun Mon, July 27th.


I have been in contact with other commissioners, as well as NEYSA, but there has been no decisions made on anything to this point on what to do when we can re-open (as outlined above). And if it takes longer to get to this Phase 4, a rational decision will have to be made on the season structure, or worst case scenario - cancel it all together. There is A LOT of doubt and uncertainty at this time, but it’s still too early to tell how things will go. Please just know that as soon as I know more I will relay this information to everyone here. In the meantime, as there is obviously a lot of financial concern at this point my suggestion is if possible you should start planning on registering and start to budget accordingly. If we are to open, the window for registration will be VERY SHORT. Even if you do register, and we wind up NOT having a season, we will obviously not keep your money so please don’t be worried about that. If you have any questions, please feel free to reach out to me. My phone number is 716-860-9758. I look forward to bringing you more information as soon as I can, and I’m hoping for a successful season.




Brandon McGuire

TFC Commissioner