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Posted by Dave Wright at Jul 18, 2013 5:00PM PDT ( 0 Comments )

Dear Mohawk Football Parents,

              My name is David Wright (Coach Dave) and I will be the head coach for your son in the 80lbs Division; we are the Mohawks.  I was an assistant coach last year and have a good knowledge about football and played both at this clinic and at the high school level.    This is an instructional level to help your child learn how to play the game of organized football in a safe manner and hopefully have a lot of fun along the way.  My contact information is:

Email:       Cell/Text – 864-8278       website –

Assistant Coach – Brian Jopp – Cell/Text – 308-3158

Assistant Coach – Chris Galivan – Cell/Text – 939-0732

Please become familiar with the website as we have our own page – Mohawks Football - and information will be posted on it such as practice schedules and game dates and times in the days to come. There is also other great information such as TFC news and notes, names and maps for all the other teams, as well as a gear and apparel page.

                At the instructional level we have a variety of kids with different levels of football knowledge so don’t worry if this is your child’s first time playing organized football because we only have about 6 returning players from last year .  There are also a variety of sizes and weights at this level and coaches will best match up players of similar size and knowledge during practices.  There will be some bumps and bruises along with some tears and this is to be expected and will ask the parents to let the coaches handle this accordingly because sometimes getting mom or dad involved will only escalate the situation.  If it is something serious I will not hesitate to get you involved.  I will also ask the parents not to get involved with the kids during practice or games by yelling instruction or discipline as this will only confuse and embarrass them.  There will be cones set up and I ask that the parents that are not coaching to stay behind them and let us coach and let them practice.  I will be available most nights either before or after practice if there is anything that is bothering you or have any questions please come to me or one of the coaches first, as I tell my kids “the only dumb question is the one that is not asked”.

What is to be expected:


Please be early or on time - kids like to play around, run, kick and pass the ball before practice and they have fun and it also helps them to get loosened up.  Practices are from 6 - 8pm Monday thru Friday until school starts and we will scale back from there.  Let me know if your child will not be at a practice, call or text me.  There is no contact the first week as each child must have 5 non-contact practices to be eligible for contact drills.  Practices will consist of calisthenics, stretching and running at the beginning, tackling and blocking drills in the middle and learning offense and defense towards the end.  We will have a playbook that will be very basic in the beginning and will add on as their learning knowledge grows throughout the season.  Bring plenty of water / drinks for them, you don’t have to go out and buy all the latest sports drinks at this level, water works just as good and is a lot cheaper. 


Keep track of all equipment that is handed to you for the season, if you lose it, it will cost you money to replace it.  You will need to equip your child with an athletic supporter, practice jersey, and spikes.  The athletic supporters are now built into shorts which are really nice and helps keep it in place for the most part.  Practice jerseys can be old jersey from years past, old t-shirts or can also be purchased from most sporting goods stores.  Please do not wear game jerseys or game pants to practice.  Spikes or cleats can also be purchased for a reasonable price at most sporting goods stores.  Make sure mouth pieces fit correctly.  Mouth pieces are handed out to each player on equipment night, I found out last year that these are one size so the best way is to cut them down a little at a time and once they can put them in their mouth without gaging or choking then follow the directions to boil them and fit them. It is very important to have them suck all the air out of their mouth to ensure a good fit in their mouth because they will have to have them in their mouths the entire practice, it will be hot but will not burn them just follow the directions on the package. Please let me know if you have any issue with any of these items.


We play two 12 minutes halves with a running clock.  The ball is at the 30 yard line and we work towards the end zone from there.  We can make first downs and hopefully plenty of touchdowns.  We do not punt, kick off or kick extra points.  Once a TD is made or a drive is stopped the ball is re-set on the 30 and we’ll switch from offense and/or to defense.  We will get each player in for a minimum of 8 plays per game.  Safety is our first concern and we will not put your child in a situation where we know they will fail or get hurt. In that same token we will also not put them in a situation where they can get someone else hurt if not fully engaged.  Practice is where they will earn their playing time.  Players that miss practice or are not willing to learn or listen to coaches and are a distraction will not get more than the minimum playing time for that week’s game.  Coaches will watch and place players where they can be safe and successful as football is a team sport and all positions are important.


Cheer loud and cheer proud for all of our Mohawks!!!! We will not be winning the Super Bowl this year at our level and your son will not be scouted by any major colleges either so please keep that in perspective (we don’t even keep score on the scoreboard).  Not everyone is ready and willing to jump in and become a football player so just keep encouraging them and don’t let them quit.  Again, come talk to me if you have any issues.


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List of teams

Posted by Shawn Mangold at Jun 12, 2013 5:00PM PDT ( 0 Comments )

Tonawanda Football Clinic competes in Niagara Erie Youth Sports Association (NEYSA). The following teams are part of NEYSA, and may require travel to those teams game sites for games.  

 For information on the league click on this NEYSA link

  • Black Rock Riverside 
  • Buffalo Vets 
  • Cheektowaga Little Loop 
  • Clarence Bulldogs 
  • Grand Island Jr. Vikings 
  • KAT Raiders 
  • Lancaster 
  • Lew-Port 
  • Lockport Little Loop Football and Cheerleading 
  • Niagara Falls Jr. Football Club 
  • North Tonawanda Athletic Association (NTAA) 
  • Niagara Wheatfield Amateur Athletics (NWAA)
  • Pendleton Athletic Booster Association (PABA) 
  • Tonawanda Football Clinic (TFC) 
  • Town of Tonawanda Football Association (TTFA) 
  • Williamsville Jr Football 
  • Wilson Jr. Lakemen 
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    2013 Football Mini-Camp

    Posted by Shawn Mangold at Jun 12, 2013 5:00PM PDT ( 0 Comments )

    Big thanks to all the kids that participated at this years Mini-Camp. Special Thanks to coach Jason for organizing this years camp. Also thanks to Coach Shawn, Coach Badner, and Coach Franuziak for coaching as well. This year served as a reminder of just how important it is to hydrate, as it was a hot one out there.





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    Posted by Shawn Mangold at Jun 10, 2013 5:00PM PDT ( 0 Comments )